The Rooms...  

We offer 12 tastefully appointed rooms. Six are in the Main Building on the Market Square and six are in the adjoining Guest House, at the foot of the stairs to the church. In both houses, we were successful in gently introducing present day amenities into the 18th century structure.
In a third house – directly opposite the Main Building – you will find our four “Studios am Markt.” Here, we offer the discriminating guest a very special vacation experience. Convince yourself!

  • Room 7Main Building - Category A
  • Room 11Main Building - Category A
  • Room 11Main Building - Category A
  • Room 10Guest House - Category A
  • Room 21Guest House - Category A
  • Room 31Guest House - Category A
  • Room 12Main Building - Category A
  • Room 20Guest House - Category B
  • Room 30Guest House - Category B
  • Room 40Guest House - Category B
  • Room 40Guest House - Category B
  • Room 4Main Building - Category C
  • Room 6Main Building - Category C
  • Room 8Main Building - Category C

We have four rate categories:

Category A starting at 90.00 EUR 7 - 11 - 10 - 21 - 31-12

The rooms in this category are to be found either in the Main Building or in the adjoining Guest House. With the exception of room 12 – which faces the river – the rooms have a view of the Market Square or of the historical old part of the village.

Category B starting at 110.00 EUR 20 - 30 - 40
You will find all of the rooms in this category in our Guest House. Room 20 and 30 have an entrance to the oriel. Added to the building in the late 19th century, this dominant structure has become a Beilstein Landmark, to be found on so many thousands of pictures. Room 40 occupies all of the top floor of the Guest House, thus being our largest room. It is much in demand as a family room (up to six persons). From all three rooms there is a view of the picturesque historic core of Beilstein as well as a “slice” of the Moselle.
Category C starting at 120.00 EUR 4 - 6 - 8

The rooms in this category are all in our main building. They are situated on the first floor, above our terrace, and offer an incomparable view of the Moselle. A  special attraction of these rooms is that they also have a balcony. This is an ideal spot to finish the day, watching the barges pass by in the sunset.

Category S starting at 150.00 EUR  

The rooms in this category are something very special – these are our „Studios am Markt.” There is so much we wish to show and inform about that we have given our studios their own website:

Studios am Markt


For a stay of four days or more, it is our pleasure to confirm the the room of your choice – availability assumed. For the shorter stay, we only confirm the category chosen. Also, we cannot confirm whether Main Building or Guest House for shorter Category A reservations.

For all Hotel Guests, breakfast is served in the Knights’ Hall in the Main Building.




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