Beilstein is easy to reach by car or by public transport. Thanks to the nearby Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (30 minutes by car), Beilstein can be reached in a few hours from over 30 airports in Europe.

Beilstein in Europa

By Car...

Directions from Köln Cologne):

A48 Autobahn towards TRIER, Exit (4) Kaisersesch, turn left towards COCHEM, once in Cochem follow the main road across the bridge and turn right towards BELSTEIN.

Directions from Trier:

A1 Autobahn towards KOBLENZ, Exit (125) WITTLICH-MITTE, turn right towards ALF, after the first traffic light, turn right towards COCHEM (B49 highway), after the village of NEHREN (about 35 km after Wittlich) turn right, crossing the bridge towards BEILSTEIN.

Directions from Frankfurt:

A61 Autobahn towards KOBLENZ, Exit (45) RHEINBÖLLEN, straight on towards TRIER (B50 highway), after about 20 km turn right towards ZELL/MOSEL (B421 highway), about 8 km before Zell, turn right towards BEILSTEIN.

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By Rail

COCHEM Railway Station

is 10 Kilometer away.

Bus 716 will take you to Beilstein - feel free to ask us about timetables.

A taxi to Beilstein will cost about € 25 for 1-4 persons.

The Travel Planner of the German Railways may be helpful.

By Air

(NOTE: following directions relate to the Ryanair Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. If your flight lands in Frankfurt Airport, please refer to 'Arriving by car' or 'Arriving by rail'.)

Going from Hahn to Beilstein by public transport is possible though cumbersome (booking 24 hours in advance) and time consuming (1 1/2 hours at best, more likely in excess of 2 hours). If you are interested, please give us your flight detail and we will advise on possibilities.

By taxi, 1-4 persons can travel for a price of 60-70 €. You will find the airport taxis here.

By car, take the B50 highway towards MAINZ. After about 12 km on the B50, turn right towards ZELL/MOSEL (B421 highway). About 8 km before Zell, turn right towards BEILSTEIN.