Environs and Leisure

Whatever your destination, your route will take you through stunning landscapes. There is scarcely a village that isn't worth exploring. This map from about 1930 is still good for ideas when it comes to planning where to go and what to visit.

Timetables and useful information about trips on the river boats (German and English).

Expriencing the Moselle from a new perspective (German and English).

The ropes course is good for a shot of adrenaline (German).

A medieval castle which has survived all wars (German and English).

The steep ascent is worth the effort (German, English, French, Dutch).

History lesson with many pictures( German).

The most attractive swimming pools in the area (German).

Vacation fun for the whole family (German, English, Dutch).

Cross with the ferry and then a few minutes' walk (German).

Hiking Around Beilstein

From/to Beilstein through the neighbouring villages (German).

From Bruttig to Cochem (German).

Hiking from/to Valwig (German).

The steepest vinyard in Europe (German and English).

Ediger-Eller to Beilstein (German).

Beilstein to Cochem (German).

Germany┤s longest hanging rope bridge (German).

Moselkarte große Ansicht

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